Start managing your Etsy sales with Craft Task Manager.

Monitor your sales. Record your production costs. Track order components.

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Craft Task Manager is an Etsy Sellers app for iPhone and iPad that can be used to track the status of individual items within your orders. As individual items are ready they can be ticked off, making it easy to see which orders are ready to ship.

We're working with Etsy sellers to add even more features.


Record your costs

Record individual item costs, so you can keep on top of your profits.

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Main Features


Quickly check shipping addresses.


Update the order status on the go.


Track your progress.


Keep private notes.


Estimate your profits.


Record production costs.

Our Apps

We do more than iPhone apps

Contact us with your app requirements. We can develop custom applications for any business idea.

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Time Saving Apps

We're all about working with major providers to make your business more efficient.

Web and iPhone

We can help with your front end application design.

Backend Infrastructure

We work with cloud providers such as AWS and Azure.

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